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About ETS Laboratories

We opened our doors in 1978 with a simple mission: to provide fast and accurate results. Since then, our clients have gone on to create many of the world’s finest wines, and as recognition of their accomplishments has grown, so has our laboratory.

At first, we concentrated on routine chemical analyses and basic microbiology. As the wine industry grew around us, our clients increasingly looked to ETS for more advanced analytical services. Over the last 40 years, we’ve developed new methods of analysis and introduced many new technologies to support the art of winemaking.

What started in the basement of Marjorie and Gordon’s St. Helena home has grown into one of the most advanced wine laboratories in the world.

While we work to uphold our reputation as the one “sure thing” in wine analysis, we know that we must continue to provide exceptional service and earn the respect of our clients with each result. At ETS, accuracy is more than a virtue – it’s a passion embraced by our entire staff. We are committed to offering the latest technology, operated by a dedicated and hardworking team with unrivaled expertise.

We operate on principles of integrity, innovation, and excellence: we keep our promises.

We’ve always been proud partners in the wine industry as it’s grown over the last few decades, and we continue our pledge to advance the science of winemaking. Our ongoing investments in research and new technologies have resulted in powerful new analytical tools and industry standard analyses to help winemakers enhance their craft. We continue to share our expertise with the winemaking community through our publications library and free educational seminars to support the advancing art of winemaking.